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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas Fayre

We made calendars and christmas cards for the school Christmas Fayre.

We took each other's photos and then dragged the photos onto a calendar template. Once they were printed and laminated we threaded coloured ribbon through the top so that they can hang up at home. We sold them for £1 each.

Our Hand Made Christmas Cards were assembled by decorating snowmen with googly eyes and a jewel nose and colouring the scarf with glitter pens. We then added the mouth and buttons with black felt tipped pen. We stuck them onto coloured card with a pritt pad and drew in some snow with a white pen. Miss Kingsley gave us some sandwich bags so we could display them at the Fayre. We sold them for £1 as well!

You can read about Mr Macaw's weekend visits to Jodie's  and Kara's houses.


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