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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mr Macaw and Healthy Eating

Making the walls for our Pyramid
We had to quickly make more stones for the inside of our Pyramid as we were beginning to run out!  But you will have to wait to see all the other exciting things we have been making for our museum!

Mr Macaw has been enjoying his weekend visits.  Read all about his times with Jennifer, Jessica, Aimee, Beth and Alix on Mr Macaw's blog

We have been learning all about healthy eating from Miss Paterson  and she gave us a food diary so that we could keep a record of our snacks to make sure we are eating healthily. We have learned about the food groups – starchy food, fruit and vegetables, protein and dairy products and Miss Paterson also organised a fruit tasting session for all the P3 classes which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  There were all sorts of exotic fruits such as kiwi fruit, passion fruit, coconuts and dates and lots more - Mr Macaw kept a beady eye on them all from his perch in the classroom!



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