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Monday, 21 March 2016

Kakuma Refugee Camp

Skype with Kakuma Refugee Camp!

Kakuma Refugee Camp houses 179.000 refugees of whom 55% are children. The Kakuma camp has been based in Kenya for 25 years. The camp has 30 schools, each containing 20 classrooms. The schools have very little resources: a textbook ratio of 1: 10, no computers, nor power supply and not even enough chairs and desks for every student. Each classroom host 100 to 150 students. 

Through collaboration and crowdfunding, two MIEs (Microsoft Innovative Educators) Koen Timmers and David Muya have made it possible for these schools to connect with Skype, having one call each day. During the Skype-a-thon — a two-day event in December — the Kakuma students connected to 24 global teachers via Skype.

These Refugees are locked in the camp so by being connected with students and teachers from all over the world their world gets unlocked. 

Kakuma schools had a Skype call with us today! We taught them about life in the UK, Easter and sang them a song! This was incredible! We told us about their studies and read us a chapter from the Bible and sang us a song! The Kakuma students speak English and they are following the Kenyan curriculum. They are super motivated and having a call with them was so inspiring for both: us and the Kakuma students.


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