Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 30 September 2011

Scotland topic

Primary 3 have been having fun learning some Scottish Country Dances during their Scotland topic.  You can see them here trying out a Canadian Barn Dance.  We have just started practising the Gay Gordons which is a little more tricky!

Goggs has been helping us to learn about scottish landscapes and we are making a giant wall map of the River Clyde along with the other Primary 3 classes. We have also written some sense poems about scottish waterfalls and we are going to try videoing ourselves reciting our poems.

We have been using http://www.tutpup.com to help us improve our addition, subtraction and tables during active maths.  This website lets us play maths games with children from all over the world at our own level.

Marcus Macaulay is our new anti-bullying rep and Kyle Bunch is our eco-school rep.  They will be feeding back information to the class from their respective groups.

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