Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A whole lot of spying going on!

Today we held our Spy Party in aid of Quarriers.  We all came to school dressed as spies and you can see for yourselves how good we looked!
Definitely some good undercover agents here!
We played some games that we made up earlier.  This one was to see how observant we were.  We placed some objects on a tray and then someone took something away and we had to guess what was missing.
We also made up some messages in secret codes and then tried to decipher them.  It was quite hard!
We also made up some secret missions for each other to complete.  They were quite difficult to do without anyone noticing!
We all made secret agent badges which had a space for our fingerprints and we made up alias names for ourselves.

Some of us enjoyed spying from under the tables and behind the bushes!

Later we danced and played the four corners game.

Here are our two winners of the 'best dressed spies' and we all agreed that this was a great way to raise money for charity!



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