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Friday, 6 January 2012

Our brand new school

After our fifteen month decant, today was the first day back into our new refurbished school.  Everyone was amazed at the changes and gave them a big thumbs up.
Here you can see our teaching wall in the background and all our new furniture.  Everyone is wearing soft shoes so that we can keep the new carpets clean.

Here we are walking round to the back of the school where we will line up first thing in the morning and after breaks.
You can just see the new part of the infant block on the left hand side.  We aren't allowed on the grass yet as it is a bit muddy!
Here we are in our new cloakroom.  We can put our outdoor boots and shoes under the bench below the pegs.  Behind the cloakroom outside the classroom, there is a breakout space for painting and other activities.
Everyone is looking around at our new class as they come in the door for the first time!
You can see the big number 8 etched on the glass for our room number.  The glass looks out on to the breakout space and the cloakrooms.
We had our first assembly in the newly refurbished hall.  It has a lovely stage and two whiteboards, one of which rolls down from the ceiling on the stage!

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