Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Term 2

We had a great time in term 1, we worked hard during maths and language. We learned lots of exciting things during Numeracy, we were learning about Co-ordinates, directions and grid reference. We played great game and activities to help us. We thoroughly enjoyed performing our class assembly on the last day of term for our family and friends as well as the whole school. We all worked very hard to learn our lines and songs. It was great assembly and Thank You to everyone who contributed and supported us on the day! We also really enjoyed our End of Term Reward, it was great fun having the animal man in school. We got to see and learn about lots if interesting animals. We enjoyed our October holidays, but we are really glad to be back at school now and working hard again. We had our Halloween Disco the first week back which was great fun! One of our classmates won best dressed for P1-3. Well done Christopher! We are going on a walk around Renfrew next week as part of our topic which will be fun and interesting! We have had fun writing about Halloween and Autumn and creating our Autumn tree. We are looking forward to starting to use the ICT Suite to help us learn more about using a computer and becoming more confident in working independently. We are ready to work hard in all our subjects this term!


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