Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Numeracy across Learning

One sunny day last week we went outside with Room 7 for P.E.  We estimated how many times we could do various activities in one minute.
Then we tried out all the activities for one minute and took a note of our results.
We had to run round a circle for a minute.

Then we had to see how many star jumps we could do in a minute.

Hopping and skipping came next!

Catching the ball was hard in the sun!

Jumping was next.

And finally counting how many throws of the ball we could do in a minute.  At least it was cooler in the shade!

Finally we had a rest and looked at our results.

We had a great time outside in the sun and some of our estimates were better than others - but they will be even better next time!

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