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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Building a Hibernation Haven

As part of the Bio-diversity Eco group, Starling Learning came out to our school to help us learn more about nature as well as build a Hibernation Haven for hedgehogs so that they have somewhere to sleep through the winter. Our class was one of the lucky classes to be chosen to go out into the playground to build a haven. This was great fun and we learned lots of interesting facts about Nochturnal animals and how they live. We also found out lots of interesting things about birds and the differnt calls they make.
starting off
Creating the base for the haven - a bucket with a little hole cut out.
Filling it with leaves to create a nest.
Next finding a quiet animal friendly safe place to put it.
We then had to cover the bucket with logs to make sure its well hidden and animal friendly.
Next we covered it with sticks and branches
Then we ocvered it with green leaves and braches to make it camouflage and safe for hedgehogs from other animals
Lastly we covered the haven with some moss to ensure it is fully camouflaged and creates a safe and cosy environment for the hedgehogs.
All complete! We have worked hard and now our hibernation haven is cosy, safe and camouflaged. We will check again around May time to see if hedgehogs have used our haven!


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