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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Open Evening - Ancient Egyptians

We had a very exciting evening on Tuesday when we presented all the work we have been doing on the Ancient Egyptians to our parents.  There were lots of activities to do from playing an Ancient Egyptian board game and fruit tasting to designing a shaduf and making a mummy on the computer. 
Here we are wearing the head and neck pieces we made in class.
There was even a photo opportunity where you could get your photo taken with the baboon god Hapi on a special chair made by Kara and her Dad.

We used mod-roc to make a mask of Tutankhamen's head.

The final sarcophagus.

These are the scarab beetles we made.

Making the Scribe's desk.
We sewed Hapi the Baboon God
We had to co-operate with each other to make giant jigsaws and we had to be careful to match the colours at the joins.

We did lots of writing activities such as making fact files and we wrote an adventure story about finding some treasure inside a pyramid.  We also designed our own gods and made an annotated diagram to describe them.
Looking out the door from inside our pyramid down onto the River Nile.
We made shabti figures which the ancient egyptians believed would do work for the Pharaoh in the after life.
We made our own papyrus out of bandages!

We made a map of the River Nile which is the longest river in the world.

The Ancient Egyptians liked to mummify their pets so we made Mr Macaw into a mummy too!

All in all we had a great evening and the parents were very pleased with what we had learned.  Our teacher was very proud of us!

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