Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Caring Kids

Our new enterprise topic is called Caring Kids where we choose a charity and raise money for it.  Coincidentally it was Children in Need Day this week and the whole school have been raising money for Pudsey.   We made some Pudsey masks and wore our own clothes for the day, for a donation to Children in Need.  Here we are with our masks.
We have been getting some good ideas from the rest of the school about how to raise money for our charity.  We also have been researching different local charities and soon we will be deciding which one to raise money for. 

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We have been discussing friendship and how to make and keep friends.

We used a carousel to work collaboratively to answer some difficult questions such as what would you do if:

  • someone stole from you and said they would beat you up if you told anyone
  • someone told lies about you
  • someone called you names
  • people don't let you join in their games.

We discussed each other's ideas and held a 'secret friends' day.  In secret we chose a name out the hat and tried to do something nice for that person.  It turned out that some people do nice things to everyone all the time not just at secret friends time!  Aren't they kind?


Here we are dressed up for Hallowe'en and our Come as You Please Day.

We wrote spooky stories and planned them using a mind map.
 We looked at pictures of spooky houses and imagined what ours might look like.  We thought about what we might hear and see and who might live there.  We tried to use good openers for our sentences and good descriptions all the way through!  Our teacher was scared to read them!