Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Term 3 Learning Overview

Well what a very busy and exciting term in Primary 3b we have had! As you all know, we have been learning all about the Vikings! We helped our friend Eric, who was stuck in the Viking Era, get back to the present day! We learned so much information about the Vikings. We loved learning about the Gods and creating our stain glass windows! They looked amazing on our Open Evening. We were very proud of our Viking Long Ship we created for our wall display too!

We worked very hard in the ICT suite and using the iPads to create our PowerPoints with our co-op groups. Miss Lochhead is very impressed with our ICT skills and our ability to use GLOW so easily in P3! We are amazing! :D We have also enjoyed using the NewsFeed on GLOW to share our learning with others in Scotland and with each other.

We just want to thank you for coming along to our Open Evening. It was a huge success! The children loved sharing their knowledge and skills with you all. We loved making the bread and letting you all taste it also! :D

As well as this we took part in Digital Learning week that was happening all across Scotland. We took part in our school collaborative PowerPoint which shared our skills with the whole of Scotland. We also took part in a Digital Storytelling event. The story was started by the author Cathy McPhail and was continued each day by a different class across Scotland. It went to places such as Dumfries and Lockerbie and finished up in Kirklandneuk Renfrew! We realised that writing a book was a very tricky but amazing skill to learn! We loved our ending to the amazing story.

Our annual Easter Bonnet Parade is coming up soon and we have loved learning our song 'For God so Loved the World' and our Spring poem to share with you all. Our Easter Bonnets are looking magnificent. Mr Hawthorn came to our class to tell us more about the Easter story and why it is a very important story in Christianity.

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter break and come back refreshed and ready for the last term in P3 in Room 8.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Collaboration on GLOW

Primary 3b are in LOVE with GLOW! We are on it at home and school and just love sharing our learning instantly with you all at home! 
As part of our topic we worked in 4s to create a collaborative PowerPoint - each taking responsibility for a slide each. The amazing thing is... WE were all working on the slides AT THE SAME TIME! 😃 We shared the PowerPoints with our group and Miss L and were even able to write comments on each other's slides! Amazing!