Room 8 Kirklandneuk

Friday, 14 October 2011

Scottish Sandwiches

Bobby set us a challenge to give instructions on how to make a variety of Scottish sandwiches for some friends of his from abroad.  We looked at ingredients you could get in Scotland such as white bread, brown bread, rolls, wraps and burger buns and found some fillings such as strawberry and raspberry jam, cold meat and cheese and pickle to put inside.

We made our sandwiches and ate them too! The following week we wrote down the instructions on how to make them.  We concentrated on getting them in the correct order and used time connectives at the start of each sentence.  We also reminded ourselves of the order here.

Here we are making our sandwiches and making them disappear again very quickly!

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One of the questions we set ourselves was to find out how electricity is made in Scotland. We found out that Scotland produces electricity from lots of sources including oil, gas, coal, water power, solar power, wave power and wind power.

We made some windmills ourselves from card and straws held together by a pin.
Firstly, we coloured in the card.
Then we cut and folded the corners into the middle.
Next we pinned the windmill to a straw.
We had to take care with the pins!

Finally, we blew some wind into our windmills to make them move.