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Friday, 25 May 2012

Caring for our Environment

Yesterday was a beautiful day and perfect for going litter picking!  Renfrewshire Council provided the school with lots of litter pickers, black bin bags and fluorescent jackets so that we could be seen by passing traffic.

We worked in teams and found lots of rubbish that people had thrown down on the ground.  It taught us that it would be much better to put the litter in our pockets until we could find a bin.

Some people in neighbouring gardens said they were very pleased to see us working so hard to keep the area tidy.

We also had a talk about recycling.from Greener Renfrewshire.  The ladies tested us on our knowledge of which bin we should put our rubbish into.  Renfrewshire has special bins for glass, garden waste, recyclable materials such as clothes, paper and some plastics and one for general rubbish.  By the end of their talk we were getting them all correct!

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Numeracy across Learning

One sunny day last week we went outside with Room 7 for P.E.  We estimated how many times we could do various activities in one minute.
Then we tried out all the activities for one minute and took a note of our results.
We had to run round a circle for a minute.

Then we had to see how many star jumps we could do in a minute.

Hopping and skipping came next!

Catching the ball was hard in the sun!

Jumping was next.

And finally counting how many throws of the ball we could do in a minute.  At least it was cooler in the shade!

Finally we had a rest and looked at our results.

We had a great time outside in the sun and some of our estimates were better than others - but they will be even better next time!

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