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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Baking Pies

We decided that we would like to bake our own pies - but fruit pies not bird pies like Mr Twit!

We collaborated in our groups to see what fruits we might use and we came up with apple and cinnamon, strawberry and lemon, mixed fruit and raspberry and blueberry.

We made the pies by placing some pastry on a pie tin first. Then we chopped the fruit and put it on top of the pastry. Next we sprinkled a little sugar on top of the fruit. Finally we placed some pastry on top of the fruit, brushed the top with milk and cut a few holes to let the steam escape.

Miss Kingsley kindly agreed to bake our pies in the school kitchen and she even brought them up to Room 9 in the afternoon! She said they smelt delicious!

Here we are about to tuck in!

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Twits

Mr and Mrs Twit are getting more disgusting by the minute as we read through the story.  We watched an  extract from The Twits which showed Mrs Twit making spaghetti for Mr Twit.  See if you can see the worms mixed in with the spaghetti!

Mr Twit likes to eat Bird Pie every week but we thought we would like some different pies!   We looked up BBC Good Food and found our own favourite pies and made them into a book.  We called it Primary 3 Pies and they look delicious!

We also painted and decorated trees in spring, summer, autumn and winter and looked at their differences through all the four seasons.
Seasonal Trees

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Visit to the Glasgow Science Centre

Primary 3B made a very successful visit to the Glasgow Science Centre last week and as you can see from the pictures a lot of learning was taking place.

We had a lesson on the journey of food through the body and discovered that our intestines are over 7 metres long! Here we are being the muscles that push the food through the intestines.

We also went into the planetarium and lay back on our seats to watch the night skies. We saw lots of constellations and discovered that the sun is our nearest star.

There were lots of other things to see in the main hall – even an Alice in Wonderland section where everything was not quite what it seemed!

Air pressure pushes the balloon up!

Water pressure pushes the water along!  

Weighing each other.